My favorite place to be!

My kitchen is my absolute favorite place to be. I love to use my creativity to develop and test recipes. Whether it’s baking a cake, testing a new recipe or just a good ‘ole casserole for some pure comfort food, I am ready to make it all!

Of course there are so many items I have in my kitchen that I feel are “must haves” if you like to be in the kitchen too. Quality is SO important when it comes to kitchen tools. For example, you could purchase a low-priced mixer today and then end up having to replace it in a couple of years or you could really invest in a high quality, top of the line mixer and it lasts you 20+ years.

Your most important tool in the kitchen is a good quality chef’s knife. Trust me, they are worth the investment! There is nothing more unsafe in a kitchen than a dull knife. My favorite chef’s knife that I use for everything is the Zwilling 7″ Santoko Knife. I highly recommend going somewhere that will allow you to hold the knife to see which is the most comfortable fit for you. My favorite shop is Smoky Mountain Knife Works in Sevierville, TN.

My next 2 favorite small appliances are my Kitchen Aid Mixer and my Nespresso Machine. Cake & coffee — AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?! I use my Kitchen Aid for everything from cakes, cookies, mixing casseroles and shredding chicken — the possibilities are endless! Now, my Nespresso machine is pure GOLD! I use it every single day, whether it’s a warm cup of coffee in the mornings or an iced latte in the afternoons. The frother is a must!!! You will never want to go to a chain coffee shop every again! I’ve posted quite a few recipes on my Facebook & Instagram pages if you would like to check them out.

Lastly, there are 2 small items but I feel like they are very important as well! My recipe box is filled with recipes that are 70+ years old down to recipes that I have created with my own 2 hands. I have collected family recipes over the years and have held on to them as a treasure. There is such a variety in that box and it makes my heart so happy. The next item is clear spice jars with labels. When we moved, I made a point to go through my spice cabinet and switch over to these clear jars. Not only are they aesthetic, but it is also so easy to tell when you are low on your spices. Keeping a fully stocked, organized spice drawer/cabinet is the secret to a good dish!

Thank you for taking a tour around my kitchen and letting me show you some of my favorite things! If you have any questions about any of the products, feel free to reach out. I will sharing a lot more products in the future.

XOXO, Katelyn