There is just something about fresh sourdough…

When it’s nice and chilly outside, not much beats a warm loaf of sourdough fresh out of the oven. It brings a sense of comfort to my kitchen. With such a variety including jalapeno cheddar, caramelized onion, cinnamon raisin or garlic & herb, the possibilities are endless.

These beautiful loaves also make great gifts for family, friends and neighbors. They can pair it with a warm cup of soup, enjoy with their morning coffee or make a fresh sandwich.

I recently took an online course with Ashley from Turner Farm to expand my knowledge about bread. She teaches all things sourdough and does a live demonstration that allows you to bake bread together. If you are looking to learn this technique, I strongly encourage you to check out her site and sign up for one of her courses. Be sure you are following her on social media as well to stay up to date with upcoming courses. Her farm and kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I will link her class here — TURNER FARM SOURDOUGH

happy breadmaking, xoxo