Gift Guide for the Foodie

Holiday Season is in full swing! One of the most requested items recently has been a Holiday Gift Guide for the Foodie! I post one every year and I always look forward to sharing my favorite and most used items with y’all!

Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer — I absolutely love this! While I do have a stand mixer, sometimes you just want to use one that is a little smaller. This is perfect for making small batches of cake, cornbread, brownies and shredding chicken.

Nespresso Machine with Milk Frother — If there has been an item that you all have requested the link for, it is this! Hands down, the BEST coffee maker I have ever owned. I have had it for 4 years now. My favorite pods are Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut & Double Espresso. So many of you have messaged me saying you bought it and have loved it!

Wooden Boards — These are great for cheese boards, serving food, creating a fruit or dessert board, serving bread or rolls, and even just having on display in your kitchen. Here are a few more — Wooden & Marble Board Set, Large Wooden Board, Rectangle Board, Cheese Board, Round Board, White & Wood Board, Black & Wood Board.

Food Storage Containers — These keep food fresh for so long, do not stain and are great for transporting food as well with no leaks!

Dutch Oven — I love making soups, stews, chilis, roasting chicken, braising meats and baking sourdough bread in my Dutch Oven! They last for years and are also a pretty addition to your stovetop!

Salad Spinner — This is something I thought would just be a waste of space… I was wrong! It is so important to wash your lettuce thoroughly and get all of the dirt and bacteria off of it. This one works great!

Pepper Grinder — There is nothing like freshly cracked black pepper on a dish! It is my absolute favorite!

Chef’s Knife — One of the safest things you can have in your kitchen is a sharp knife. If it is dull, it can be easy for it to slip and cut yourself. This is a favorite of mine!

Cheese Knife Set — If you love making cheese & charcuterie boards, you definitely need a good cheese knife set!

Soap Dispenser — I love for there to be a vibe in my kitchen and that means, less clutter! These dispensers are great for soap, coffee syrups and olive oil!

Cookbook Holder — because you need something to display beautiful cookbooks on!

Recipe Box — I love to keep my family recipes along with ones I have created in this beautiful box so they are kept together all in one spot!

Tea Towels — These add such a nice touch to your oven and you can change them out seasonally! Southern Willow Market always has the best!

Georgia Serving Platter — This would be beautiful to display meats & cheeses, fruits, veggies, or desserts!